How To Recycle Properly In The Food Truck Industry

As you should already know, recycling is a big deal, and that is especially the case in the food truck industry.

As a result, more and more people are stressing the importance of recycling (hence this article). If you just so happen to be a food truck owner, or simply work in the industry, then you need to take the three recycling tips below to heart. These simple — yet effective — tips could lead to a big change!

Be the difference!

Have An Actual Recycling Bin At Your Food Truck

If you plan on recycling at your food truck business — which you 100 percent should, and follow through with — then you need to have an actual recycling bin at your food truck. Make sure you tell your employees that things need to be recycled, point out the differences in bins (the trash bin vs. the recycling bin, that is) and hold everyone accountable, including yourself!

This might sound basic, but so many people toss things that can be recycled into trash bins on a daily basis. The sad part? So many people do this when there is a recycling bin right next to the trash bin!

If you want to take this a step further, then you can have a trash bin and a recycling bin right outside of your food truck for your customers to use (of course, some rules, regulations and laws might come into play during this process, so just make sure you are following them).

Have A Sign That Stresses The Importance Of Recycling

If you are really serious about recycling, then don’t be afraid to spread the message. You can do that in a number of different ways.

First and foremost, you can literally remind your employees and customers to recycle. Next up, you can literally have a sign at your truck that stresses the importance of recycling.

Do Your Best To Not Waste Food

This might be easier said than done, but it is something that will benefit … well, everyone. So many people are starving on this planet … yet so many restaurants are throwing out large amounts of food every single day. Please, do not be like that.

Cook the proper amount of food. You can achieve that feat by cooking on demand. In other words, starting up your meals/food after they have been ordered.

This will actually save you money since you won’t be throwing out perfectly good food, and it could help you take your recycling game to the next level! Plus, your food will be super fresh (as it should be in this industry), which your customers will love! Sounds like a win-win for everyone involved.

So many people call for change, but they aren’t actually practicing the change themselves. While many people are starting to take recycling seriously, not everyone is following through, and that is especially the case in the food truck industry.

Whether you are browsing prestige concession trailers or have owned one for years, you need to take recycling very seriously.

Therefore, be the change by incorporating an all-star recycling system at your food truck business. Mother Earth will surely thank you!